Here is a wedding program completed several months ago. The cover was relatively plain, so we decorated it with the wedding theme written in gold. The effect was achieved by first printing the words (in black, and by a laser printer only) on cardstock, then lightly taped a metallic heat transfer foil (in gold) on top before sending the same piece of cardstock through the laser printer again.

It was my first time playing with such foils. And after repeated trials and errors, here are my learnings:

  • To make the foil transfer perfectly, pick paper with a smooth surface. We made the mistake of picking a textured linen cardstock, and hence saw a handful of misses in the final result
  • Although most foils come with the instruction of using an iron to make the transfer, laser printer is actually the easiest way to go, and with the highest success rate
  • If available, pick a laser printer that generates more heat when printing. When tried on my home printer, there were some hits and misses. But a bigger (and more heavy-duty) printer at a friend’s home produced much better results
  • Printing a blank page is the best way to transfer the metallic foil onto paper (assuming the intended images or words are already printed on the paper)
  • Curly and script-style fonts have a lower success rate of perfect transfer than non-script ones (eg. Century Gothic, Arial, Times New Roman, etc.)

For those interested, your local craft stores should carry the metallic heat transfer foils in different sizes and colors.  Otherwise, online stores are always open and will likely carry even wider selections of the product.